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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Daily Fantasy Sports 101

Daily Fantasy Sports 101

Are you just starting to enjoy the fun and excitement that daily fantasy sports bring? Well, congratulations! You may have a long way to go, but you truly are getting there.

As you see, for the last two or three decades, daily fantasy sports has been a hobby enjoyed by millions of people. Today, it is not only a hobby but a major event and even a source of business for a lot of entrepreneurs out there who provide fantasy sportsrelated services.

In America alone, it is estimated that there are 16 million adults who enjoy daily fantasy sports and this number is not declining but growing as more people get older, more people get to access their daily fantasy sports on the Internet.

The first daily fantasy sport that was popularized is fantasy baseball and it has been the most popular for that year. Remember those collectible trading cards in the 40s? It may not be popular now as a daily fantasy sport because it takes a big deal of time and effort to manage a fantasy baseball team with its 162 games. Today, fantasy football is considered the top daily fantasy sport.

Actually, daily fantasy sports is not just an American thing either. All around Europe, Asia and even China (with Yao Ming paving the way for interest), there are players all over the world. The daily fantasy sports world is wide and broad, spanning to other games such as fantasy soccer, fantasy cricket and even fantasy wrestling. Heck, even fantasy sumo wrestling can be found somewhere on the Internet.

The Fantasy Sports Background

These daily fantasy sports you have come to enjoy were really based on fantasy baseball. In the early years, fantasy baseball owners converted players in statistical points and huge points mean being a winner. Then, it developed into a sort of not just statistics from past data, but real time play in which your numbers and your team are affected by real time baseball scores.

Is Fantasy Sports for Money Legal?

So, you may also be researching about daily fantasy sports because you want a change in your game plan when it comes to fantasy sports. You not only want the fame and the trophy, you want to earn money as well. However, you would like to know if it is in fact legal to do so, right? Well today, fantasy betting on daily fantasy sports is accepted. It is even encouraged and it does sweeten and makes playing daily fantasy sports exciting. Gambling in daily fantasy sports is not taboo as long as you keep it in moderation and you are respectful of the state laws, especially in the US.

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